Road Transportation

The company is successfully performing the task of carrying the consignments to every nook and corner of the destination. The safety, swiftness and precision are ensured by maintaining a constant eagle eyed vision on all the operations. The company manages and maintains a day to day follow up and personal touch with its clientele. The services are rendered by a team that is highly professional in its approach; nevertheless it is so personalized that the esteemed clients, feel most comfortable. The company ensured that there is no communication gap between it and its clients, for which the officials of the company are duly equipped with mobile phones and email system. We are currently providing daily reporting system through email & SMS to all our prestigious clients. The company acquaints its staff with all novel inventions and improvements in the fields related with the transport industry and correspondingly provide them the necessary training for upgrading their output. The company effectively engages itself in transporting express cargo Time bound goods to full CONTAINERS LOAD (28 ft multi axel (14mt)/32ft.



  • As of today BRAHAMPUTRA CARGO CARRIERS achievements are landmark on the skyline of all major cities & Regions of India. Brahamputra Cargo Carriers is having own Established Network are covering most of the major camp in India manned by latest technical & qualified people.
  • The company carries consignments to various destinations, as per requisition of clients. We can deliver your consignments when and how you need it. The said operations are preformed under the personal guidance and supervision of operational managers who manage the same with the aid of modern communication system.